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Second year

media niche research report

Project summary For as long as I can remember I have had an interest in digital media. As mentioned in my first blog, this evolved from my passion for photography. During this semester I have been ethnographically researching and producing my own works based on observation within my media niche. My DA project consists of…

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contextual report

As previously mentioned in my project pitch, I have always had an interest in all things social and digital media. Through my years of involvement in the photo media field, I decided to curate a project that showcases my skills for future work. The project which I undertook not only served as my own personal…

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Freddy’s Final Night

This semester in Game Media Industries I explored an all time favourite game of mine, Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF). Through the critical analysis of my analytical framework, which looked at media archaeology, cultural capital, and paratexts, I was able to produce a series of works for my digital artefact.  My DA consists of my…

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FNAF analytical framework

media archaeology Media archaeology focuses on understanding new media by examining the past. Previously it has been used to explore feminism and now has become an important tool for exploring texts such as video games. Five Nights At Freddy’s was released in mid 2014, however the game’s history starts before then on December 29th 2013.…

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We use aspects of science fiction to imagine alternative futures where modern technologies shape our society. Through the science fiction genre we are able to create these emergent realities via artistic, political, technological, utopian and dystopian views. Solarpunk is derived from cyberpunk (and other aesthetics) and looks at another perspective between society, technology, and the…

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basis of report

Through my observations and participation in the photo media niche so far, it is evident that there are a range of free tutorials accessible on the internet. So why do students find it so difficult to use photoshop in their university works? Being students they have access to forms of digital media that photoshop can…

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participatory media culture

“The ontological dimension refers to the specificity of computer games in relation to film and television” (Reassens 2005) Deconstruction is a form of participation that refers to the various methods of interpretation that actively operate, helping us to understand a game and form meaning through bringing elements in a text to the surface. Participatory media…

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When examining speculated future networks, we look at two different concepts, cyberpunk and design fiction. Both of these genres explore a dystopian future with technological advancements. Described as ‘high tech, low life’, cyberpunk is about technology and science and how it influences our lives. It contains very distinct views on human identity through the concept…

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firing feedback

With the start up of my own research and digital artefact (DA) I have been reviewing other’s approaches to their autoethnographic research within their niches. Looking at these projects I have been able to provide feedback which I believe is not only useful to the creators but to myself as well.    Commenting on others’ works…

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i’m not a gamer girl

In order to enhance my own digital artefact (DA) I have been undergoing the challenging task of reviewing other’s works. Examining the different approaches to the analytical framework structure and research methods within their game media texts, I have been able to provide commentary which I believe is not only useful to the creators but…

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project pitch 241

My media niche is photo media which looks at the ‘innovative and creative use of different mediums such as photos and video to create new imagery’. When mapping the field site in my previous blog, it is shown that photo media covers a range of sub categories and aspects which range from; the platforms used,…

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For my project in bcm215, I will be critically analysing and investigating game media text Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF), exploring it through the storyline. By researching the analytical framework using media archaeology, cultural capital, and paratexts, I will be able to construct my DA and contextual report.  There are so many resources on FNAF,…

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mapping the field site

Photomedia is the innovative and creative embrace of different new media technologies to create new imagery.  By conducting research and exploring photo media, I will be able to gain a higher level of expertise within the niche to further enhance my skills. From this I will develop an understanding of uni students’ attitudes towards photo…

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cyberpunk 2077 for 2077

When searching for bad video games I was surprised to find Cyberpunk 2077 on a blog titled: ‘The biggest video game flops of all time’. Previously learning about the cyberpunk genre across another subject and featuring the game as an example, I wouldn’t have considered this game to be bad. From the trailer it looks…

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project pitch

I am part of the photo media community, producing photos over the past decade, studying it for 4 years at school and producing major works for the HSC, however I have more recently gained an interest in photo editing and design. This is due to my knowledge in adobe illustrator and photoshop.  There is a…

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a crop load of editing

I have always had a passion for all things photo media. From starting photography at a young age, to studying photo media in school and now implementing it to my degree and future has not only allowed me to form a passion but gained me necessary skills personally and professionally. An ethnography has a heavy…

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the birds are angry

I’ve chosen to look into the analytical framework of a forgotten game; Angry Birds. I view this game as ‘forgotten’ for a few reasons. Firstly because it is no longer available. Launched in 2009, Angry Birds was a mobile and pc video game in which the birds were slingshotted at the pigs in order to…

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Understanding research practices is important for any communications student or professional in order for an effective study. Throughout my studies i have learnt: There are a whole range of methods a researcher can utilise for primary research and data. Primary research comes in 2 forms of findings, quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative looks at statistics and…

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Contextual Statement

Over the semester in the BCM214 subject, my group and I have created the social innovation KinPal. It builds off the existing ideas of an educational communication platform such as Discord or Google Classroom, combining features from Zoom and Moodle. However, the innovation differs from others with its technological advancements and its driving goal; closing…

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Oona goes Online After moving away, main character Oona is faced with a range of challenges. A new town, new educational system and new lifestyle leaves Oona feeling angry and isolated.  Trying something unfamiliar, the new schooling platform; KinPal , Oona finds themselves connecting with students from all over the state through the  sharing of…

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Understanding Orientalism

Ref Oxford Reference 2021, ‘Orientalism’, The Oxford Dictionary of Architecture, Oxford, London  Oxford Languages 2022, ‘Orientalism’, Orientalism, Oxford, United Kingdom Labrusse R 2022, ‘Deconstructing Orientalism’, DOAJ, vol. 3, p. 1 Arab American National Mesum 2011, arabstereotypes, blog, viewed 15 April 2022, <>&nbsp; BBC 2018, An A-Z of -isms, video, BBC, London, viewed 14 April 2022,…

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Does ‘Cancel Culture’ threaten free speech?

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘canceled’ before… But what does it actually mean to be ‘canceled’? Ever wonder what happened to Jenna Marbles? or David Dobrik? And why we haven’t really heard from them again? ‘Cancel culture’ ‘Cancel culture’ is the idea of withdrawing or removing support from a person because of something they’ve…

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Research proposal: How do students find a sense of belonging at University and why is it important?

University is a whole new experience that comes with new challenges. The drastic change in location, class delivery, community and friends can leave the task of fitting in difficult. Additionally, Covid19 and online learning caused further challenges relating to a lack of communication and student interaction. Socialisation became digital and real human connection was minimised.…

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Uni in Covid

Starting my second year of University I can’t say much has changed. Due to beginning my degree mid pandemic, my experience as a University student has been… limited. Before 2021 I never really thought about uni and didn’t even know if I would go. It wasn’t until the semester started that I was really immersed…

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